How to plan the timeline of your Fall applications?

MS in USA application process can be overwhelming and cumbersome. So, here we have tried to simplify it for you so that you can keep a tab on what’s happening. GRE/TOEFL Take by end of Aug [...]


STEM OPT – what do you need to understand?

Students are always confused about OPT and STEM extensions etc. because these directly impact how easily you are able to work in USA because admit it, one of the foremost reasons for pursuing MS [...]


Resume Template for MS/MIS Applications

Announcement: We have partnered with our friends at Resumonk to let you guys build awesome resume without the hassle of editing the Word documents endlessly. And, they have offered their PREMIUM [...]


Full Process to Apply for MS in USA

We did the full series on the process for applying for MS in USA universities. To summarize, please check out the following articles- We looked at the following components of the application [...]


Process to apply for MS in USA – Key Documents LOR

How to get good LORs? – Get insider tips on what makes for a good LOR and how to get one from your recommenders. Do not ignore the importance of LORs. This is fourth article in this series. [...]

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