Average MBA salary in USA, Europe and India?

As per the 2018 QS TopMBA report, 2017 reported a 13% increase in MBA hiring with USA paying average MBA salary of $102,100 (a dip from last year) and Europe offering $85,500 (up from last year). [...]


What MOOCs are popular among MS applicants?

It is not surprising that online courses (MOOCs) are helping Indian students compensate for their poor quality of education. Growing number of engineers who apply to graduate schools abroad are [...]


How good is Columbia Data Science MS program?

There are a decent number of Data Science programs in the US and their count is increasing every year. We are going to review how good Columbia Data Science program is in this post. We base it on [...]


Careers for engineers survey

By participating, you get a chance to help me write a really meaningful book and get a soft copy of the book when it is published! Takes only 2 minutes. Please read on.


Easiest and Toughest Universities for Indians in Spring 2013

Happy new year everyone! We are back with some more data for you. We analyzed around 1200 applications by Indians in Spring 2013 and found some interesting information. Look at this infogram to [...]

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