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When you were studying, did you wonder that you don’t know enough to make an informed career choice? Did you feel that you are missing some secret ingredient to go big in life? Did you wish that you could get advice from successful people on what to do and more importantly, what not to do?

We feel that when we were in college, we didn’t know a lot of things about industry, different roles, the importance of higher studies, what does it take to succeed etc etc. That was the motivation when we started to think, why not create a resource that will help students know enough about at least one career path – pursuing and succeeding through MS in US.

The secret’s out! We are working on a book focusing on MS for Indian engineers. It will be one stop resource to answer your queries and concerns about sensibility and affordability of going for MS/MIS/MEM programs abroad. This is your chance to contribute.

If you are an engineering student, I need your help! For a section ‘careers for engineers‘, I need inputs from current engineering students.
Can you please fill this survey and also share with other engineering students you know? (facebook sharing might help). The more the awesomer!

Here is the form, please please fill it out, will take only 2 minutes –

By participating, you get a chance to help me write a really meaningful book and get a soft copy of the book when it is published!

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