One thing you need to nail for superb application results

I interviewed Bhavesh Sanghvi, CS grad from Iowa State University who is now working with Amazon in USA. He thinks that everyone works on their SOP, LORs and resume but if you can do this one [...]


Exclusive MS advice from successful grads and professionals

In last two posts, we touched upon financial concerns and SOP tips. To recap, 1. MS in USA is affordable and within your reach if you understand the numbers and plan properly. We discussed break [...]


Ingredients of an impressive SOP

In last post, we discussed how to think about the Grad School finances and get over your financial fears to take the next step towards your dream career. Lets look at some of the best practices [...]

Understanding MS Finances

In this post, we will discuss how MS exactly helps you and why it is affordable and within your reach. The content is taken from the MS Book: Smart Engineer’s Complete Guide to MS in USA. [...]